Training  of Trainers’ Course

Course Details:

The Trainer Training Course is especially designed for teachers with over 6 years teaching experience. It’s a 6-day course to train teachers to become effective trainers.
The course aims at Developing Teacher Training skills; Planning, Preparing and Practicing Teacher Training sessions through micro- training and Developing self-awareness through Reflection.

The topics focused and dealt with in this course are:

    • 1. Deciding on the teachers’ needs
      2. Getting to know your trainees
      3. How do teachers learn
      4. Making your sessions effective
  • 5.Reflection
    6. Planning a teacher training session
    7. Giving effective feedback1&2
    8. Ways of providing input
    9. Planning a series of Training sessions
    10. Making lectures interactive
    11. Observation
    12. Evaluating your training
    13. Giving effective presentations
    14. Micro-training sessions

All candidates will be assessed in Iran first and successful candidates will have the opportunity to be assessed by the International Assessors overseas.

Course Dates & Cities


Extensive:  Thursdays and Fridays


Intensive: Friday to Wednesday


Intensive: Sunday to Friday

           Course fee: 

Registration Procedure:
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a. Copy of your passport
b. Passport size photograph
c. Bank receipt